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It is very important to choose a maximum security stroller, with an emphasis on elements supporting healthy child development, easy manipulation, allowing immediate use and durable construction to facilitate movement in any terrain.

The strollers used within the Running Together initiative have been produced by the Czech company Benecycl Ltd.

About Benecycl Ltd.

Benecykl Ltd. develops and manufactures sport strollers for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, jogging or in-line, and carriages and strollers dedicated to children and adolescents with physical disabilities. The entire product line of strollers and trolleys is characterized by easy handling, lightweight design and a high level of security.

The idea to develop a special sports stroller for families with impaired children originated in the head of the owner and founder of the company, Lubomír Krejčí.

After an accident, Lubomír has been using a wheelchair himself, and was able to clearly perceive the difference of a life of a person with an impairment and without. He succeeded in creating a unique product which allows families with impaired children to discover or rediscover the joy of doing sports, staying in the country, and doing activities which they often had to give up.

Over time, Benecykl has developed into the current form. Benecykl is not just a producer, but employs impaired people, parents of impaired children, for whom the most rewarding feeling is the fact that with every product they can help improve a life of another family.

Featured Strollers

The model Kozlík Max is designed for children older than 10 years, with weight up to 75 kg and of height 180 cm.

Kozlík Junior is designed for children under the age of approx. 10 years, of weight up to 60 kg and height up to 140 cm.

Model BABY is designed for all children up to the age of appx. 4 years, of weight up to 40 kg and height up to 100 cm.