Dean was born on February 7th 1966 in Washington, D.C. He is an entrepreneurial businessman with more than twenty years experience in the academic publishing industry. He founded and headquartered PLANet Systems Group in Charlottesville, Virginia back in 1997.
He discovered marathon running at the age of forty and RWTTC soon after. His friendship with fellow Virginian, Scott Keel, inspired his ongoing passion for the charity and it’s work.



Ever since I can remember, I've always loved the feeling of satisfaction that comes from pushing myself beyond my limits and achieving previously set goals.
I fell in love with running about two years ago. In 2016, I was given a chance to participate in Prague Half Marathon, together with the wonderful people from “Running With Those That Can’t” charity organization. Later that year, I ran a relay race in Novi Sad as a part of another amazing charity event.
For me, running is breaking down barriers you did not know existed by beating the your biggest opponent – yourself.



I started running in the winter of 2004. I like running because all you really need for it is yourself. Running helped me lose weight. It is also a kind of calming therapy when I have a lot on my mind.One of my friends suggested that I should sign up for some races, so I took his advice. He warned me that I could become addicted to races...
This year I am running my 7th marathon...



Physical activity has always been an important part of my life. One of the things I do is running. Just short distances in the beginning, more like cardio training. However, over the years, I started running more and more. It was fun! I talked about my progress with my bother, and one day he asked me: "Are you preparing for a marathon?" That sounded like a good idea, and it got me started.

I had a privilege of running and finishing two full Marathons: Dublin in 2012 and Belgrade 2017, and a few half marathons over the years. Then Dean Bedford introduced us to the inspiring project "Running With Those That Can’t", and I participated in this charity event in Prague Half Marathon in 2016. We are all very proud that we brought this idea to Novi Sad. Hopefully, we will inspire somebody to initiate similar events in their cities.



My name is Sandra Adam-Bogosavljevic, I am 37 years old, from the city of Novi Sad, Serbia.Last year I had a very serious head injury that put me in bed for several weeks. During that time I realized that life is much more than TV and daily duties...I started running for myself, in the beginning just to feel better... and immediately realized, that it’s something I want and need to do in my life!
My first official run was last October in my hometown. Although it was a relay race, I suffered from stage fright. But, when the race started, I felt great! I also realized that I can run longer distances! Now, I am excited about my first half-marathon run and just can't wait for it! For me, this is a great way of showing that everything can be achieved if you give your best!



I started recreational running quite late; I was about 27-28 when I ran my first half marathon. I was mostly interested in ball games, football in particular, which I played actively at the time. Later, I continued to play recreational football (futsal) and I was always among those who would never run out of breath or energy. Sometimes, at the end of a match, people around me were so exhausted that they could hardly breathe, but I felt like I could run more and more. Then a desire awoke in me to see how far I could run. I decided to take up running.  As I did not know much about it, I expected it to be much harder. However, I was quite positively surprised how I got by.
So far I have run four half-marathons and I believe that this is just the beginning. What I like about amateur running is that everybody is a winner. You are dependent solely on yourself and you try to test and push your own limits. The only opponent you have to beat is yourself and that is the moment when you manage to convince your exhausted body to keep running, although your brain screams that the aim is still far away - only then you really win and you feel great. Prague Half Marathon 2016 was truly one of the greatest experiences in my life - running with children from the international non-profit organization "Pink Crocodile". Great organization and great people, the city streets closed to traffic during the race and so many people cheering for you every step of the way.  My only goal as a runner has been to run a race, never actually chasing the time. My best result at 21km is 2 hours and 47 seconds and I have accomplished it with no preparation at all.
And now I really look forward to the opportunity to prepare well and try to run the distance in the shortest possible time. A target time that I would like to achieve is 1: 45h - 1: 50h.



I was born in Novi Sad on March 16th 1989. I’ve liked sports ever since I was a kid, and at the age of eight I started playing football for a local club in Novi Sad. When I enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, in the Department of Media Studies, I gave up professional training, but I've continued to play with my friends, two or three times a week.
Besides playing football, I started running down the streets of Novi Sad, and along the Danube, especially at night. I realized that running is very challenging but at the same time a very relaxing activity. Soon enough, recreational running has become my weekly routine.
In recent years, my elder brother has taken part in several marathons and triathlons, and I simply asked myself: “Why don't I give it a try?” After a few years of recreational running I decided to participate in competitive races, and took part in two marathons in Novi Sad. Running the night marathon in June 2016 was a particularly memorable experience for me.
Meeting new people, running with them, and, above all, reaching the finish line is such a wonderful experience. What I like most about marathons is facing up your own challenges and always trying to be better and better. For all these reasons, I am looking forward to being a part of many more marathons to come.



Originally, running itself was not my forte. However, upon realizing that most of the sports I like have running as their integral part, I decided to pursue running and make it my strong suit. Having only a couple of certified races under my belt, I am very much a newbie myself. Nevertheless, I did come to realize early on the two important aspects of running that I always share with people who are thinking about taking it up: first and foremost, get more people involved and start running together, it will be more fun; and remember to keep challenging yourself, running is a great vessel for building one’s confidence up through perseverance. Now, this is only the “me part”. Running has made a full circle for me and became truly rewarding when I was honored with the privilege of being a member of a team of runners who helped kids who are unable to run themselves take part in the marathon experience. Once you have completed such a race you will know that all the words in the world will fall short in trying to describe the feeling you have at the finish line. I am eagerly counting the days to the next race and spreading the joy through running!