The “meta-race”


•    We want to make the race experience be as great as possible and we want to try to avoid any discomfort to our team members. This is why a paddock area near the Start/Finish line should be afforded to the team by the organizers. You will have kids switching from their personal wheelchairs into the race carriage and you want to do this in a safe and unobstructed area.
•    Successful coordination with team members who are not running but are supporting your team from the outside is imperative. Fresh clothes, jackets, relay switches, refreshments, rides back to the finish line, all can be properly organized and put in place by the “behind the scenes team members”

Race etiquette


•    Safety first! It is of paramount importance to always be mindful of the child in the carriage, their feelings and needs
•    In such an event like the marathon race the last thing anyone wants is an injury to a runner, so be vigilant at all times to make sure no one accidentally steps into the path of the carriage
•    Once the race starts be courteous to other runners
•    In order to avoid accidents, never run in front of the carriage; rather be on the side of it
•    The only exception to this rule is if you are politely asking a runner ahead to give way to the carriage
•    Give a signal to those behind you when you are about to overtake a runner on the course, or in general when you are going to make a change in direction by extending your arm
•    At U-turns always go wide from the divider, as you want to avoid the most crowded part of the path and also keep in mind that, of course, the carriage is less flexible than a person and needs space to make such a turn safely and without clipping a runner on their ankles.

After the race


•    Ideally all team members should be present at the finish line, even/especially if it was a relay team
•    Go through the medal awarding ceremony
•    Create memories that will last a lifetime by taking photos together
•    Assist with packing and storing the equipment
•    Share your experience with us!