Running-Together was born out of the Running With Those That Can't (RWTTC) charity based in Prague, Czech Republic. The charity organization, RWTTC was founded in 2009 by 3rd year medical student Scott Keel from Charles University, Adriana Hanke (Perez), Carlos Bejarano Castañeda and with the support of students from other universities. At the outset it was all about building a stronger support within the community on which families that were raising children with complex needs could rely upon.

RWTTC has set in motion the processes needed to put individuals with special needs on the marathon race course. RWTTC is notable for focusing on sporting activities such as 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon races. Through these enterprises the RWTTC has been making huge strides in increasing acceptance and inclusion in society.

In 2012, fellow Virginian, Dean Bedford race with RWTTC founder Scotty Keel in that year’s Prague Half-Marathon. One year later, they ran together again with Team Honza in the Prague Half-Marathon which is now featured in the documentary film, ’The Road Less Run’.

In 2016, Dean invited four PLANet Systems Group team members to fly from Novi Sad, Serbia to Prague to run Half-Marathon with the non-profit organization "Pink Crocodile".
Besides the team captain Dean, the team included: Bojan Terzic, Strahinja Keselj, Stevan Bekvalac and Bojan Miletic.
Each team of runners accompanied a child in a special wheelchair along the entire 21-kilometre path.
The PSG team, along with other teams running under the umbrella of RWTTC, began the race among the last contestants in order to make sure that they would not get in the way of serious competitors who were running with the aim of getting into the standings charts.
One of the most exciting moments was anticipation in the build-up right before the beginning of the race, with the crowds cheering from the start line. As if the pure joy of running through the streets of sunbathed Prague isn’t enough by itself, the most striking thing was the sense of togetherness, the great number of people sharing the same idea - to make it possible for the disabled children to participate in the race, is truly what makes such endeavor fascinating.
All of the fears and doubts about finishing the race are quickly dissolved by the rush of adrenaline, spectacular atmosphere and team spirit. Realization that the finish line is yet another hurdle that can be overcome when people work together is worth the effort endured to make such a thing happen.

On the 16th of October 2016 35 PSG team members ran in the Novi Sad Marathon with a BeneCYKL carriage given by the Pink Crocodile school for handicapped children in Prague. The smiles on the faces of the team members and our co-athletics, spoke volumes to what Scotty Keel, Petr Olivia, Carlo Capalbo and Honza Holna started in 2009.

Running-Together was born to help spread those smiles and wonderful emotions around the world. It is our goal to take the amazing project that RWTTC has done in Prague and make it global. Shining a light on the challenges this population conquers daily in our communities is a task as noble as any. Nevertheless, we can all do even more, do our best to make sure everyone is included even in events such as marathon races.
We can all come together and through running make our small contribution in removing barriers for everyone, and we are looking for you to step up and make your mark on our world!