Association with the Organization helping those in need


•    Respectfully reach out to a recognized organization that cares for children who need assistance
•    Convince them that all you want to is help the kids experience something new and fun, and that you will be there every step of the way
•    Meet the children, get to know them!
•    Meet their parents, understand how important it is to them that their children are in safe hands and that they are comfortable around you
•    Spread your enthusiasm within the school, ask someone to join the team. This will go a long way in making the kids and parents more open to the whole idea
•    Know that marathon organizers will expect that all race course entrants have a document signed by a doctor and/or parent that the participant is healthy enough to take part in the race. Have this in mind and advise the school to arrange adequate examinations in a timely manner in order to be able to provide such documents upon request for every child.

Getting the marathon organization onboard (Association with the Race Organizer)


•    Contact the race organizers with your plan and set up a meeting.
•    Explain to them that it is your intention to bring together a team which will enable those who are unable to run on their own to take part in the race.
•    Emphasize that such an addition to the race would enhance the profile on the entire event, and even the host city.
•    Make sure everyone understands that with this undertaking you are not trying to gain any financial (or any other kind of) advantage; that you are not expecting any financial support from the race organizers either; that all you are trying to is bring some joy to your community.
•    Assure the organizers that you do have in mind all the necessary Race Day Considerations .
•    You want the organizers to leave the meeting knowing that you are trying to do something nice without being a burden to anyone; while everyone is invited to enjoy the benefits.